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“I feel so much better about my appearance. Everyone says ‘see, what pretty eyes you have! We never noticed them before.’”
--J.R., Eyelid Lift

“I love the way I look. These results couldn’t be more perfect for me.”
--D.H., Facelift, Lip Augmentation

“The staff the day of surgery were all outstanding. Just wish I would of done it sooner!”
--S.C., Rhinoplasty

“Totally satisfied with the results. If I ever decide to have more plastic surgery I will definitely contact Dr. Hendrick. THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED.”
--R.J., Facelift, Browlift, Eyelids

“I want to thank you for such an excellent job on my surgery, aftercare and recovery. . . . It’s become a decision I will never regret making thanks to all of you.”
--J.P., Browlift, Eyelid Lift

“Thanks for all you guys did for me! You’re the greatest!”
--M.P., Body Liposuction

“I love my new breasts and am not afraid to show anyone! It is so shocking to look down my shirt and see something!! And cleavage too. WOW. . . . I feel like a new person. . . . Thanks again to all of you and the wonderful caring way you all took care of me. . . .”
--D.F., Breast Augmentation

"It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I’ve already recommended your clinic to quite a few people. Thanks for such a wonderful experience."
--J.G., Breast Augmentation

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful! The facility is very clean."

"Keep up the good work! You made me feel very comfortable and confident with the whole procedure."
--A.W., Breast Reduction

"Staff is always pleasant, info offered pre & post op was thorough and comforting – I appreciated the phone call."
--L.J., Liposuction

"All of the staff has been very nice and helpful. They made this experience better than I imagined it would be. Thank you all very much."
--Breast Augmentation

"My experience was all good. Not knowing what to expect, I really appreciate the time taken to answer any questions I had."
--A.K., Facelift/Blepharoplasty

"Thank you all for being so nice and friendly! You guys rock!!"
--T.R., Breast Augmentation

"You guys are all awesome! I had a great experience- not afraid."
--R.W., CO2 Laser

"All the staff was very friendly, very professional and made my surgery as easy as possible."
--T.J., Excision

"Doc, staff & facility made my service outstanding. I am super happy with everything. I’m excited to see what other procedures hold instore for me in the future."
--A.M., Abdominoplasty

"The entire staff at Salina Surgical Arts Center were terrific. Everyone I spoke with was pure class. I felt very comfortable and at ease with their every move."
--K.L., Nasal Fracture

"The staff there is amazing! Everyone is so nice and takes time to explain everything. I even called after hours on a weekend and they were so nice to answer my concerns."
--K.B., Breast Augmentation

"Overall, I had a wonderful experience. The entire staff made me feel comfortable, were very knowledgeable and the care provided throughout the entire process was amazing!"
--A.R., Abdominoplasty

"Your staff and Dr. Hendrick do an excellent job. Very well pleased with all. Thanks for the good work."
--F.V., Excision

"Wonderful experience! Very happy with everything! Will come back for further service! Highly recommended!"
--S.K., Breast Augmentation and VASER liposuction

"It was a refreshing experience! The before paperwork was the most efficient and easy to fill out that I’ve had to fill out. The building beautiful, the staff wonderful – Thank you very much!"
--P.B., Blepharoplasty

"I was very pleased with all aspects of my experience. The staff and physician were professional and clear with explanations and aftercare. Your facility’s beautiful!"

"I appreciate being called in for an earlier appointment. Team members were personable, knowledgeable and efficient. I have recommend Dr. Hendrick to my friends."
--Dr. G, Ear Exam

"Great building, comfortable, great taste with fireplace, waterfalls- the whole building and staff are in good taste. Thank you!!"
--B.D., Blepharoplasty and injectibles

"The experience with Salina Surgical Arts Center went well. The staff of nurses and the physician made you feel comfortable. Nurses were kind and friendly. Good service. Well pleased with Dr and staff. Very professional, kind, helpful care, and always kept informed."
--T.R., Excision

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