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Skin Care and Chemical Peel

At Heartland Cosmetic Surgery we are deeply interested in good skin care. Since skin is the “fabric” of your face, there is probably no one thing that has a greater impact on how you look than your complexion. Like an old car with shiny paint and bright chrome, you can look pretty good if your skin looks good, no matter what age you are. By the same token, the most successful surgical results can look less than ideal if your skin looks old and wrinkled - not unlike a brand new car with oxidized paint and rusting chrome. When we consult with patients who want to look their very best, we always insist that they spend their first cosmetic dollar on a good skin care program. Any other approach to maximizing your appearance is a bit like placing the cart before the horse.

There are many good skin care product lines that have been developed and can be purchased over the counter or from the offices of dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons.

We could carry a virtual grocery store stock of skin care products if we wanted to. The fact is, we have found only two product lines are really necessary to fill our “tool box” for skin care. For the twenty-something and thirty-something patients that just want a fresh complexion, our “Glyderm” line of products fills the bill. For patients entering into their forties and beyond, where “problem skin” is the issue, the maximal approach of “Obagi Nu-Derm” is the best program we know of.

Review Dr. Hendrick’s “Full Court Press Approach” to skin care and then give us a call to find out how we might help you achieve your skin care goals.


I have very porous skin and “blackheads” - will a lunch break peel improve these problems?

Yes, if done as a series. However, lunch break peels were designed to work with a comprehensive skin care program at home to have maximum benefit.

I have dark patches on my face - do I need a chemical peel?

Possibly. Comprehensive home skin care that includes Hydroquinone, a skin “bleaching” cream is the first step (see “Skin Care”). A medium depth peel can then tackle any left over color problems.

I have very dark colored skin - am I a candidate for chemical peels?

Dark skin can undergo superficial peels and light medium depth peels with a minimum of risk. Deep chemical peels and laser resurfacing are too risky for dark skin (the chief risk being patchy “hypopigmentation” or a permanent loss of all skin color).

What about “Microdermabrasion” that you hear so much about?

Microdermabrasion is a superficial resurfacing technology for the skin that uses mechanical abrasion of the skin (like a mini “sandblaster”) to achieve the same basic effects as a superficial lunch break peel with glycolic acid. The machines are expensive and a series of treatments is still necessary. In our opinion, microdermabrasion has no additional benefits over glycolic acid and costs patients more; therefore we do not offer it.

I want to have a medium depth Obagi “Blue Peel” - how long do I need to be off work?

This depends on how discreet you want to be. The skin is tinted a light blue for one to two days. Around the third day the superficial layer of skin tightens, cracks, and then begins to peel off in fine sheets, not unlike a sunburn peeling. This is not an alarming look (unlike the deeper peels or laser resurfacing). Most of the flakes of skin are gone by the fifth day or so.

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