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Chin and Cheek Implants

It has been said that “beauty is only skin deep,” but in fact, much about facial beauty has to do with the structure beneath the skin, be it bone or soft tissue.

Prominent cheekbones and strong chins give the face character and balance and can be the defining features of a beautiful face. For many, implants can improve facial harmony by providing structure where structure has been missing.

Chin and Cheek Implants

However, cheek and chin implants can also be used to correct some of the soft tissue deficiencies that can occur with age. In other words, the goal of placing these implants may have less to do with providing structure where structure never existed as is does with replacing some of the soft tissue volume that has sagged or been lost with aging.

The most common application of chin implants is a patient with a weak, retrusive chin and a prominent nose. The nose and chin are essentially linked on the face. If one or the other dominates, the face looks out of balance and unattractive. Many patients seeking rhinoplasty will benefit greatly from the harmonious balance that a small chin implant can provide to the face.

Another use of chin implants is with patients interested in a facelift. Weak, somewhat droopy chins often characterize aging faces. Providing a strong smooth chin at the same time as an improved neck and jaw line can do wonders for making a face look more vigorous and youthful.

Cheek implants are also invaluable in facial enhancement. Many patients are unhappy with the fact that they “never had cheekbones,” and implants can certainly improve their image. However, all of us lose soft tissue over the cheekbones and beneath the lower eyelids as we age. There are some facelift procedures designed to restore fullness to these areas, so-called “mid-face lifts,” but many of these procedures make patients look “lifted” and “different.” For many, restoring the lost midface volume with implants is a simpler and more effective option.

Whether you know you want a facial implant or we suggest it during our comprehensive consultation with you, you can be sure that cheek and chin implants are a powerful and subtle way to realize an enhanced facial appearance.


How are the implants placed?

Chin implants are usually placed through an incision beneath the chin, where many people already have an unnoticed scar from a childhood fall. Cheek implants can be placed through an incision inside the upper lip or, if lower eyelid surgery is being done, through the eyelid incision. The implants can be placed quite easily with local anesthetic only or under sedation in conjunction with other procedures.

Are the implants safe?

Yes. A variety of biocompatible materials are used to make facial implants. The most common is solid silicone rubber, which has been used for decades as an implant material in the human body. Any implant can become infected and be rejected by the body, but this is a rare event.

How will my face feel after implants are in?

The implants can usually be felt at first, since the body has not fully incorporated the implant. Some mild swelling and soreness can be expected at first. In time, however, most people don't notice or feel the implant in any meaningful way it becomes part of you.

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