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Meet our Staff

Rhonda Smith
Practice Manager/Medical Assistant

Any visitor to Salina Surgical Arts Center will be hard pressed to miss meeting Rhonda, our venerable “jack of all trades”. When Rhonda isn’t assisting Dr. Hendrick with patient care in the clinic, she is busy supporting the practice on the business and administration side. Her 14 years as a childcare provider is evident in her continued passion for children who visit us. Her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Kansas Wesleyan University makes her an able and perfect addition to the administration side of the house.

Rhonda is married with three children. She enjoys church, interior design, cooking/baking, and sports, including cheering on her own kids.


Liz Post
Cosmetic Coordinator

Liz is the person that our cosmetic surgery patients will come to rely on the most, as she is the one who will be coordinating their cosmetic surgery experience from the first consult through the last follow-up. Liz joined Salina Surgical Arts Center in this capacity in 2011 after 12 years of working at Victoria’s Secret (including five years as manager). Although the workplace has changed, her passion has not-that of making people “feel better inside and out”.

Liz is a mother of four and grandmother of six. She grew up in Montana and settled in the Midwest in 1995. She is constantly striving to “better my life” and enjoys cooking, running, spending time with her family, and photography. She also enjoys traveling on a plane, and her dream vacation is to travel Europe, tour historical places and enjoy “great coffee and spas”.


Jenny VanEaton
CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist

If your procedure calls for anesthesia, you may well have jenny as your anesthetist. Jenny graduated from Newman University for both her BSN as well as her MSNA. Jenny has been providing anesthesia for Dr. Hendrick’s patients for a number of years.

This fashion maven loves to go to KSU football games, enjoys showing horses, reading, spending time with her family, (and going to spas).


Karla Wagner
CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist

Karla has been providing anesthesia for Dr. Hendrick’s patients since 2005. Known as both smart and sexy, Karla was raised in Mankato, Kansas.

Karla received her BSN from Fort Hays State University and her MSNA from Newman University.

Her interests include anything active and outside. She can be found horseback riding, touring on her motorcycle, having fun at the lake, mountain climbing, obstacle races, attending her kid’s activities, and even target shooting.


Joy Endreshak

Joy is an uber-experienced OR nurse and, as such, is the OR supervisor at Salina Surgical Arts Center. Before finally being lured away from the hospital by Dr. Hendrick, Joy worked for 10 years at Salina Regional Health Center where she was a member of the ENT and Cardiovascular teams and was elected to represent her peers with ADRN, the Association of OR Nurses.

Joy is orginally from sunnysouthern California and obtained her BSN from Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina. This self-proclaimed history nerd is actually a remarkable intellect that can carry a conversation on almost any subject. Her motto is Carpe Diem! She is married, the mother of 3, and loves to quilt.


Ashley Vail

Ashley is our newest member of the OR team at Salina Surgical Arts Center, joining us in 2014 from her position in Labor and Delivery at Salina Regional Health Center. Ashely was born and raised in Salina and obtained her BSN from Kansas Wesleyan University.

Ashley is married and has two children. She loves DIY home improvement projects, crafting, and doing activities with her kids. She is an advocate for autism and for women's health.


Emile Garcia

Emile is our receptionist and administrative assistant. As such, Emile's pleasant voice is probably the first encounter you will have with us on the phone and her smiling face the first thing that will great you when you arrive at our beautiful facility. She is Bilingual!

Emile is married with 4 children. She is originally from Pratt, Kansas. She enjoys watching soccer and playing volleyball.

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